21 Day Fix Extreme- 2 Week Update

Hi friends! In all the travel craziness with the baby shower, I completely forgot to write my 21 Day Fix Extreme update before I left. Better late than never, right? If you haven’t heard of the 21 Day Fix / Fix Extreme, or want to read about my decision to try the program, you can read about it here.

Since the 21 DFX is a obviously a 21 day program, I figured 2 weeks in would be a great time to do a little recap and talk progress. Since the program itself is two-fold: nutrition & workouts, the recap will be too!

The meal plan is actually pretty easy for me, since we have previously made a lot of positive changes to eat mostly clean. I am loving looking at the food lists  (which are prioritized from healthiest food options at the top to less healthy options) as I plan out our meals. Meal planning becomes a snap when there are suggestions & parameters to work within. For example, knowing I want to bake fish on Tuesday night and deciding what to serve it with is easier than ever, since I can simply look at the veggies list & see kale at the top. Boom! Kale salad with our fish. Want a carb with dinner that night, since we know we’ll have a tough workout that evening? Done- quinoa is at the top of the list, so throw it in the mix. Perhaps the best part has been that the idea of convenience foods is off the table. Even on those nights where we leave the gym late, and I don’t feel like cooking, the temptation to stop on the way home for take-out is just simply not an option. Knowing that I have committed to stick with something for just 21 days is all the mental momentum I need to stave off those bad choices.

On to the workouts. I am still loving them! They are so challenging, and there have been a few  times I just want to stop, but with Autumn’s motivation, I just take deep breath & shake out whatever muscle is burning, then jump back in! I love challenging myself to do better than the last time and pushing myself to constantly give more. The mix of programs never gets boring, and I love the fast pace. It feels like it’s over in a flash (…..sometimes). One of the bigger surprises for me was the Yoga Fix program. I. Love. It. I have tried several other yoga DVDs as part of other workout programs (P90X Yoga, TurboFire Stretch, and others) and always found them a little lacking. It was usually my least favorite day, but that is simply not the case here. I look forward to it, and find myself pushing to do more & be better. What could be better than that?!

Don't mind the iPhone photos

Don’t mind the iPhone photos

Again, forive the iPhone photos

Again, forive the iPhone photos

If you’re thinking, “That’s all well & good, but what about some results,” well I’m glad you brought that up, dear readers. First, a little disclaimer. I don’t weigh myself. Like, ever. I don’t even look when they weigh me at the rare doctor’s appointment. This is really for two reasons, the first of which is that I don’t find weight to be a good measure of success. For those who lift weights, you may very well be losing fat, but gaining muscle, and as such, the scale won’t move much. Measuring weight alone  simply doesn’t account for body composition or allow you to celebrate certain non-scale victories. In addition, in the past I had a tendency to get a bit hung up with that number. I weighed myself obsessively and found I couldn’t be happy with my progress unless the scale reflected it. So, I stopped. That said, I don’t have the usual “I lost 15 pounds” results headline. Instead, I prefer to use measurements, as well as the way my clothes fit and increases in my strength, to track my progress. I can happily report that not only is my performance & strength during the workouts improving, but I have lost a total of 4.5 inches in these 2 weeks! A solid inch of that has come right off my waist, which has been so exciting for me. I didn’t have a lot of pounds or inches to lose in the first place, so this program has really been about getting leaner and stronger- so far, so good!

I’m hoping to have some before & after pictures to share with you all, in addition to my final recap once I finish the program. I did take a hiatus when I went to Virginia, as I was not willing to sacrifice that quality family time. I wanted to honor my priorities, the first of whish is always my loved ones. I stuck to my usual ways of fitting in exercise where I could and simply making healthy eating choices.


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